Welcome to Tea Trust

Tea Trust is a young company with very fresh vision, thoughts, and a new approach to TEA. This is reflected in our corporate logo – light and bright green – the same color of the fresh, young and new leaves of TEA!

At TeaTrust, we want to revive and rediscover the magic of tea. Just like watching tea leaves unfold, unfurl and slowly give out its golden liquor is a fascinating experience, we want to re-create this experience and unravel the mystery of tea for our customers.

We do this at our flagship retail outlet called CHA – by TeaTrust. Cha by TeaTrust is India’s premier chain of speciality tea outlets, with over 50 outlets being planned in the first year.

At Cha – by TeaTrust, all our teas are sold LOOSE and FRESH. All teas are displayed in transparent dispensers which customers can see, feel, and smell . At A CUP OF CHA? Section, customers can ask the staff to brew any tea for tasting before she buys it!

The stores are ‘designed’ for experience : there is EVERYDAY BREW range for teas of daily use like Assam CTC and Darjeeling; there is the SOMETHING SPECIAL range where teas like Green Tea, Organic Tea, Flavoured Tea and Herbal Tea are displayed. All these are in easy to access dispensers. Our staff will be happy to tell the story of each tea while a cup of tea is being brewed for tasting!

Soon, we shall have CHA stores internationally too!

We are a responsible company – responsible to our customers, our people and our environment. We REDUCE, RE-USE and REYCLE as much as we can. A part of our profits are earmarked to the TEATRUST EMPATHY FUND, which focuses on improving the living conditions of the tea-pluckers in India by investing in their education, health and sanitation, and better opportunities for them. After all, it is the tea-pluckers who work hardest to give us this magical brew!

We have an exclusive range of corporate gifting merchandise, designed with TEA as a theme.

We also conduct TEA events : A very informal and interactive session where our tea experts unravel the mystery of tea to the guests in a lively, casual atmosphere. There are live Tea-Tasting sessions where guests are given aprons and tea-tasting cards where they can do their own


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