Cha - India’s premier chain of Loose-leaf tea outlets

CHATM is a premier chain of specialty loose leaf tea stores. The stores are owned and operated by Tea Trust – purveyors of finest quality of teas. CHA stores are designed for a unique ‘experience in tea’. The first thing that strikes you is the open, warm, lively ambience where customers are free to move around the store and have their own small voyages of rediscovery.

At CHA, the range of tea is divided into 2 distinct segments – EVERYDAY BREW and SOMETHING SPECIAL. While EVERYDAY BREW has the classic favourites, in the SOMETHING SPECIAL range, you will find teas that have always fascinated you but which you could never get conveniently : green tea, herbal teas, health teas, flavoured teas, organic teas, international teas and many more.


The signature feature of all CHA stores is EXPERIENCE CHA section. Located at the centre of the store, all the premium and exotic teas are displayed in small transparent jars – which you can see, touch and smell. A customer can also taste any teas tea she wishes at A CUP OF CHA? Section – where our trained staff will brew a fresh cup of tea!



The tea's at all the CHA stores are carefully selected and blended by experienced tea tasters. Each tea is then carefully packed and quickly transported to the stores using the quickest logistics – to ensure that the teas that you buy from CHA are as fresh as possible. When you buy tea from CHA, you are assured of buying TEA from a company that you can TRUST for quality and price.



Tea Trust is a responsible company – responsible toward its people, communities and environment. We strictly adhere to REDUCE, RE-USE and RECYCLE. A percentage of revenue is earmarked for alleviating the living conditions of the tea puckers at the remote tea estate – by contributing to their education, health and hygiene and better opportunities. When you buy from CHA, you are buying from an ethical company and are helping in a big way by making a small contribution.


CHA Counters at Supermarkets

CHA counters are also being located within supermarket chains. MORE MEGA Hypermarket at Vadodara and Reliance Fresh at UTSA Complex in Calcutta already have CHA Counters.

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